Convivium is open space, a kitchen as an agile organised area, where being together becomes something to share anew every day, a place where a whole series of concrete actions – storing, preparing, cooking – are turned into rituals and emotions. Aromas in the kitchen tell of familiar tales or distant places, old recipes are handed down and new ones experimented and most importantly, everyone eats together around the big table. Convivium furnishes the walls of a room that becomes warm, welcoming and functional, with island-table in the centre and canopy shelves running round the whole room at picture rail height.


Convivium provides home architecture with extraordinary solutions, like this layout with the large convivial island in the centre, doors in PVD bronze stainless steel and Era, the built-in table. Alongside the island, wood panelling with Modus horizontal folding doors designs an architectonic volume that contains the storage and washing area. Two different functional solutions for the new Dresser complete the room. Fumé oak, bronze PVD stainless steel and Carrara marble set the style for a layout solution characterised by several distinctive elements, such as the worktop in Carrara marble with drip guard for the hob, sink, wooden chopping boards, PaperStone® grids and, in the centre, the new accessorised channel in stainless steel. Attention to detail stands out in the shaped solid wood edging on the Era table, exclusive wire accessories around the washing area, and versatile complete internal accessories in teak.

Detail of internal drawers with steel sides, NTF teak front and new accessories. 8 cm thick top in Carrara marble with 12 mm drip guard.

Detail of 20 cm thick top in Carrara marble with 12 mm drip guard. Deep drawers with Convivium Elegant doors in bronze PVD steel.

Inside the wood panelling with Modus doors, base units with Convivium Elegant doors in bronze PVD stainless steel. 8 cm thick worktop and back panel in Carrara marble. Open wall units in NTF fumé oak, LED profile for under wall units, accessories in matt black wire.


With Convivium, the kitchen becomes an open, organised area, where solutions are the outcome of their location. The main star of this project by Antonio Citterio, in 2002, is the convivial island, with a 20 cm thick worktop integrating the big Up-Down wooden table, an exclusive Arclinea project. The top has a variable height of 75 to 90 cm thanks to an oleodynamic system so that it can be used either for food preparation or as a dining table. The Convivium island for everyday rituals has, over time, become a ‘cult’, continuing to make the kitchen a unique experience, a place where sharing opens up to include cooking and vice versa, in a continual interlacing of relationships.

Hide Hood for Top Closed

Hide Hood for Top Half Open
Hide Hood in tempered glass with LED and “touch-control” on the Totem plug socket element for regulating the height of the glass and extraction rate.

Hide Hood for Top Open


The main player in a warm welcoming Convivium kitchen is the teak wood used for the Era peninsula table, tall and wall units, and the panelling, interrupted only by the work area, with Convivium base units and Elegant doors in white Fenix NTM®. The back panel is in fabulous, refined polished Portoro marble, as is the 20 cm thick worktop with drip guard that houses sliding walnut wood chopping board and Paperstone® grids. Various functions are concentrated in the exclusive Arclinea Mensoluce and Mensolinea shelves on the wall, from dedicated lighting to fume extraction, through to tidy storage of everyday objects. In the corner, between the base and tall units with Convivium New Professional doors in teak wood and black PVD profile, the WIC (Walk In Closet), with internal finish in teak and lighting system with motion sensor.
Detail of 20 cm thick top in Portoro marble with 12 mm drip guard and PaperStone® grids.
Convivium Elegant door in white Fenix NTM®.

WIC (Walk In Closet), door and lining in NTF teak wood. Wall of tall units with Convivium door in teak NTF and New Professional handle in black PVD.

Detail of Convivium New Professional handle in black PVD steel on NTF teak door.


A minimal layout with a compact-looking work island, integrated snack table and open units in wood, New Convivium hood in stainless steel with glass border and accessorised wall of tall units featuring a MAC (Mini Appliances Container) with glass door and internal pull-out top, positioned centrally between the two ovens. From the fossil oak wood to the grey Fenix NTM® of the Convivium Elegant doors, through to the Vintage stainless steel of the worktop, the finishes all highlight the formal feel of this layout. The details define the aesthetic and functional qualities of this space.
Such as the drawers with central grooved handle on the island and, in the centre of the tall units, the characteristic sloping perimeter edges on the snack top and the recess on the worktop for the hob and sink, which also houses sliding walnut wood chopping board and PaperStone® grids.

MAC (Mini Appliances Container), with NTF fossil oak lining, built-in lighting, electric sockets, pull-out tray, frame in steel and Stopsol glass.

Built-in snack table in NTF fossil oak slats. 31 mm thick worktop in Vintage stainless steel, with 12 mm recess and 6 mm edge, with glass splash guard.

Drawers in Convivium island, door with grooved handle in NTF fossil oak. Top in Vintage stainless steel.


A linear project, which conceals working areas to favour more flexible contemporary layout of rooms in the home. With doors in matt Absolute white lacquer and Artusi vertical handles in stainless steel, an entire wall houses refrigerator, cupboard, tall unit of ovens and two functional units for cooking, food preparation and washing, all hidden by New Pocket disappearing doors that, when open, allow seamless use of the kitchen. Behind the New Pocket doors, base units with Convivium doors in white Fenix NTM®, worktops in steel with recess, and built-in LED lighting system. On the left, induction hob, pan supports and sliding wooden chopping boards, back panel, side panels and integrated hood with glass front in stainless steel. On the right, sink, dishwasher, Mensolinea shelf and sliding accessories in wood and ceramic.

Interior detail of New Pocket system cooking area: Convivium door in white Fenix NTM® and worktop in stainless steel.

Interior detail of New Pocket system washing area: Convivium door in white Fenix NTM® and worktop in stainless steel.

Detail of the base unit with drawers and Convivium doors in Fenix NTM® with sides and fronts, black bottom and accessories in teak.

Convivium New Professional Door 

Handle in stainless steel and in PVD stainless steel in Bronze, Black, and Champagne finishes.

Lacquer available in 34 colours
Laminate available in 4 colours

Fenix NTM® available in 8 colours

Horizontal grain wood available in 7 colours

Vertical grain wood in Teak NTF

Convivium Elegant Door 

Lacquer available in 34 colours
Laminate available in 4 colours

Fenix NTM® available in 8 colours

Stainless steel and stainless steel PVD available in 4 colours

Vertical grain wood in Teak NTF

Grain wood available in 7 colours

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