A profile separating the doors that is also a handy solution for opening the units: this is the distinguishing element on Thea, shared by other models from the past that have successfully written the Arclinea story. Now, thanks to a series of details and project choices added by Antonio Citterio to the extreme practicality and aesthetic minimalism typical of handle-free kitchens, Thea enables the design of both Wet and Show kitchens. This well-defined concept is in line with the trend that sees the kitchen divided into two distinct yet complementary zones: the former with focus on work, the latter more for socialising and conceived for the living area. Perfectly integrated into the Collection as part of a single cohesive project, Thea’s links with the company’s history and philosophy are apparent even in its name, borrowed from the very first Arclinea kitchen in the sixties.

Thea, Show Kitchen 

Thea interprets a versatile project, using comfortable rational architecture to create an extremely liveable setting, proving just how perfectly it manages to separate the functional part or Wet kitchen, from the socialising area or Show kitchen. The wall in NTF black ash, with built-in coplanar door from the new Frame System, is both storage and walk through, a filter that hides the functional kitchen, a separate zone conceived as a highly efficient workplace. It also provides an elegant wood panelled backdrop that flatters the island in the middle of the room. Relations and rapport rotate around the island for socialising, characterised by the original design of its Waterfall worktop and Canto snack bar, in dialogue with the double Madia featuring interiors in NTF fossil oak.

In white Fenix NTM®, the door on the island for socialising highlights a horizontal detail that generates the Gola Profile in black anodised aluminium. The characteristic sloping edge of the 2.2 cm thick Thea handle-free door is a distinctive element that lends lightness and ensures easy grip.

Thea interprets the continuous handle, horizontally and vertically, for projects using coplanar surfaces with a Gola Profile to define openings. Here in black anodised aluminium in the vertical version, the Gola Profile is part of a single-colour wall with minimal design, a solution that is refined yet practical thanks to handle-free doors for easy grip.

With unusual tapering on three sides, the Canto snack bar lightens and adds elegance to design of the island. In detail: the Canto snack bar in black PVD stainless steel fits effortlessly into the structured Waterfall worktop in matte veined quartz.

The Waterfall worktop enables design of elegant islands, peninsulas and linear kitchen solutions, thanks to the seamless flow of material between top and end panel connected by the 8.2 cm deep side strip. In the images, the structured Waterfall worktop in 2 cm thick matte veined quartz, with 1.2 cm thick external front edge. It is also available in a 2 cm constant thickness version.

Madia (240 cm), elegant tall unit that enhances the Arclinea Winery Collection line, with two coplanar “touch” doors in Stopsol glass, 3000K LED lighting system, volumetric sensor. Interiors shown here in fossil oak, but available in any of the different wood options from the Collection.

The service or Wet kitchen is a fully equipped workplace that is also a liveable space filled with enjoyable light and warmth. Its three-sided layout highlights spaces and equipment: central cooking area with 90 cm oven and double sink to the sides. Its horizontal aspect is accentuated, in the sharp contrast of the doors in white Fenix NTM®, by the Gola Profile in black anodised aluminium, the plinth in black PVD stainless steel and the steel Profile built into the accessorised back panel in matte veined quartz, like the 2 cm thick Waterfall worktop, with 1.2 cm thick external front edge.

The new Urban internal accessories, shown here in the corner storage unit, are an essential yet complete functional concept for base units, drawers and tall units, with frames and mechanisms in dark grey metal and baskets with aluminium edges, and base panel in melamine, again dark grey. Next image, the wall of tall units in NTF black ash, vertical Gola Profile in black anodised aluminium, encloses the Wet kitchen and provides entry to the pantry area.

Gola Profile

Aluminium in steel or black anodised finish, or lacquered in the Fenix NTM® colours: these are the variants available for the Gola Profile on Thea, the link between the worktops and the base unit fronts. 

Thea Doors


Wood effect melamine

Fenix NTM

NTF finish vertical grain wood 

Matte and glossy lacquer
Metallic lacquer
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