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Certain traditions see the space dedicated to food preparation reserved for the person making the meals, which helps concentration and keeps the best recipes secret. Arclinea had the innovative idea of opening this magical place up for maximum conviviality and its Convivium project in 2002 led to a logical design conclusion. A big wooden table physically extends the functional island and as a true furnishing element its creates a pleasing contrast with the work zone and brings back fond memories of kitchens from yesteryear. When the Closet system is then added to hide technical zone, food storage and equipment, this everyday living space feels lighter and becomes the perfect room for entertaining family and guests.

Convivium offers home architecture extraordinary solutions. In the middle, the large convivial island with doors in PVD bronze stainless steel, worktop in thick Calacatta gold marble and the new Isola hood in bronze PVD finish. Artisan craftsmanship and attention to detail for the large built-in Era table, in NTF smoked oak. Next to the island, the new Closet. This is the room’s active working area, housed in an architectural volume that is wrapped in wood panelling and hidden behind the new Modus system of 180° horizontal folding doors. Vina, the Arclinea refrigerated wine unit finishes off the room and its relational essence links the convivial table with the sitting room.

The working island (301×140 cm), has a new 20 cm thick worktop in Calacatta gold marble, with 12 mm drip guard on its two functional sides and a 20 cm wide central accessorised channel in stainless steel. Its accessories can be designed and positioned as liked, some removable and interchangeable (holders for wooden spoons, knives and sponges, dish-drainer, glass rests), other fixed to the channel (totem plug socket element, mixer). The worktop houses a hob in stainless steel with pan supports in cast iron and black PVD steel controls, a worktop bin and flush-mounted stainless steel sink. Two grids in graphite paperstone (a product made from paper recycling processes), can be positioned as desired to slide inside the drip guard.

“ Perfecting the manufacturing process has enabled us to recently introduce finishes such as PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition), a special technology that fixes different colours to steel through titanium evaporation. The result is an alloy with an even more resistant surface in warmer metallic hues, which also appeals to those who are not particularly fond of stainless steel. ”

arch. Antonio Citterio

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